Welcome to Old Court Nurseries online shop. We are a small family run nursery who have specialised in Michaelmas Daisies since 1906, see www.autumnasters.co.uk for more information. Nestled at the foot of the Malvern Hills in the Midlands we propagate all our own plants using stock from the National plant Collection which is held in the adjoining Picton Garden.

Mail Order with Old Court Nurseries:

All the plants are sent out in May ex 9 cm pots, ready for planting straight out in the garden. You can choose at checkout to either have the plants delivered to you or come and pick the plants up from the nursery.

Nursery opening times:

May – 31 st July Wednesday – Saturday 2-5pm or by appointment
August Wednesday to Sunday 11am – 5pm
September – 20th October Daily 11am – 5 pm.
We will be staying open until the 30th October 2016 Daily 11am – 4pm. Please note that many of the daisies will have finished flowering as we advance through October but the trees, shrubs and other perennials will still bring good colour and interest to the garden.